Virtual CFO? What’s That?

Accounting, just like every other industry, has made great leaps in technology. Yet, most small business still hire in house accountants to complete their bookkeeping and reporting. Not only is a small business paying the accountant a salary, but they are also stuck with payroll taxes and the high cost of medical benefits.

TRUTH: Most small business accounting doesn’t require a full time employee

TRUTH: You can outsource high quality custom reporting

A virtual CFO can prepare your books without ever having to step foot in your office. My Virtual Accountant uses the best software in the industry to communicate with clients and securely transfer data and prepare your books. We can use this data to create custom reporting.

Imagine receiving a monthly profitability statement for each of your product lines or a sales manager analysis that shows you which employee gives you the highest return for their salary. A financial projection for your newest merchandise can eliminate costly new product launch mistakes and help you plan for the future.

A virtual CFO gives you the advantages of in house finance staff without the costs your competitors are paying.



Why Choose an Enrolled Agent?

What comes to mind when you think tax preparation? For most people, its either a fancy CPA service or the one size fits all shops. Both prep options are expensive and rarely meet the needs of an individual tax filer. CPA firms tend to focus on business services and have general accounting knowledge that is not necessarily focused on tax law. Worse yet, the tax preparer doing your paperwork at the one stop shops may not have a license at all.

Is there another option? Yes! Choose an Enrolled Agent

  • Tax Specific Licensing

An enrolled agent is licensed by the IRS to represent you in tax court. They have earned that title either by working for the IRS or by passing a rigorous tax specific test. In other words, they love taxes and focus their career on providing comprehensive tax service to individuals like you

  • Fair Pricing

Imagine if you could live in Silicon Valley and pay rural Ohio prices for quality tax work. Enrolled agents are licensed to practice anywhere in the US and base their pricing on the work they do, not where you live

  • Modern Technology

We love new tech and are leading the pack in adoption of remote work tools and top of the line software. Great tools mean fast and accurate work plus easy communication. The days of making the annual trip to the tax shop are gone.