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Sarah Judson - Partner

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Sarah has an MBA from UC San Diego with a focus in accounting and finance. After completing her master’s degree, Sarah worked as a corporate accountant in both the financial services industry and K-12 education and has a unique take on finance, combining both an entrepreneurial spirit with classical training.

She has worked with early stage start-ups to produce financial projections, reporting and business plans. During her tenure at UC San Diego, she participated in the Rady Venture Fund, researching and evaluating investment opportunities. Sarah’s mission is to bring big money finance to small businesses at an affordable cost.

Caitlin Wolfe - Staff Accountant

Caitlin joined the Brave team in January 2019. Her broad experience managing a variety of businesses across different industries along with her attention to detail and desire for accuracy has made her a valuable asset. She has experience in client services, office management, San Luis Obispo bookkeeping, and accounting with several local businesses ranging from medical software to structural engineering. Her accuracy, thoughtful communication, and reliability are integral to our team.

An eighth-generation native Californian, Caitlin grew up in the Sacramento area and moved to the Central Coast where she resides with her husband and three daughters. In her spare time, she's involved in the PTA and local softball leagues as a board member, coach, and player. She also serves as the official scorekeeper for the SLO High JV team.

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When you start an accounting firm, one of the things you hear repeated is that you have to identify your niche. The first couple months that I spent trying to build my brand, I targeted anyone that would listen but I kept seeing this concept pop up. I would go out to the barn to clean stalls, which also doubled as my brainstorming session, and try to come up with an image of my perfect client. Who did I want to champion? What businesses did I want to help succeed? I must have gone through every profession under the sun and nothing seemed to fit.

I went through this process over and over for literally months. Finally my wise counterpart pointed out that outside of work, all I ever wanted to do was spend time with horses and horse people.

Why wasn’t I helping equestrians with their life’s work?

The answer had been in front of me the whole time, but I had spent so many years seeing my professional career as distinctive from my riding career, that I wasn’t able to see the opportunity.

Has your accountant run a boarding business? Have they worked as a show trainer and spent weeks on the road with clients and horses? Have they gone through the exhaustive process of evaluating and selecting a profitable horse business to purchase? Guess what? I have done all of this and more.

I have looked through the lens as both an amateur consumer and a business professional and I know what it takes. I know how long those show days are and why you haven’t sat down with your accountant in months. I know how tight your margins are and how hard it is to find money for that new footing.

I am here to help. I spend my time developing better ways for you to run your business, better ways for you to answer financial questions, and better ways for you to make money.

Contact me right now to discuss your dreams, goals, and struggles. I can help.

- Sarah Judson, MBA