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Services For San Luis Obispo Area Businesses

Digital & traditional bookkeeping duties that are available for small to medium companies specializing in horse, ranch, farm and vineyard business sectors.

Are you struggling to keep up with your business finances?  What would you do with more time to focus on building your business?  Maybe you think that accounting help is expensive?  Here is the truth: Your time is valuable and better spent growing your business.  Our accountants are fast and efficient.  Bookkeeping help doesn’t have to be a luxury.

Our tech savvy accountants can organize your documentation and make invoicing and bill pay easy.  We can even assist with accruals and month end close for larger companies.

Bookkeeping packages can be as simple as booking your monthly bank entries to full service invoicing and bill pay.  We can teach you how to quickly and efficiently upload your receipts and invoice details, even while away from the office.  Client information and financial reports are always at the ready with mobile device access and real time updates.

We support Quickbooks Online

Virtual access anywhere, anytime

Easy document transfer through email or secure file transfer

Automatic bank data transfers

Dynamic dashboard for quick analytics

Real time account balance information

Planning & Strategy

New & Existing Business Planning & Strategy Consulting

Enjoy private strategy talks with skilled financial experts and easy to read briefs providing options to solve problems, grow business and increase profit

Do you need help pricing your services or perhaps you would like to free up more cash during the month but don’t know where to start.  We can help you maximize your time and resources with thoughtful analysis of your business.  Private consulting sessions and easy to read reports provide opportunities to problem solve with our skilled financial experts.

We can put together custom Ad Hoc reports and monthly reporting packages that go beyond the canned reports in your accounting software.

Pricing Services

Lending Packages

New Business Acquisition

Business Plan Write-ups

Capital Improvement Analysis

Custom Managerial Dashboards

Reporting Packages
- Budget Variance
- Cash Flow Management
- Financial Projections
- Sales Analysis

Facilities Development

Outlook Analysis for Business Locale Capital Improvement

Appraisal of development costs, income projection, pricing and other financial markers to create accurate business plans for equine & ag business expansion

Are you thinking of developing a property for an equestrian business?  Are you wondering whether that dream property will be profitable?

We can help you do the due diligence with the following services:

Competitive Analysis – Know your competition and the going rate for services

Development Costs – How much will it cost to make the project viable?

Income Projection – Essential for obtaining a bank loan. Accurately project earnings.

Financing Options – Determine the best choice to pay for your project

Pricing Schemes – What services should you offer and what should you charge?

Business Plans – A necessity for obtaining financing


HR Service for small to medium businesses in SLO County

The experts at Brave Accounting supply human resource service including payroll, IRS reports & benefit administration, specializing in the equine industry

Thinking about adding insurance to your benefits package?  Tired of dealing with new hire paperwork?  Looking for a full service payroll firm?

Brave Accounting provides comprehensive HR services to small business. We handle payroll, IRS reporting, and benefit administration.

Payroll and insurance are complex and the penalties are high for mistakes. Let the experts take over.